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Promotional Display Spaces

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Bvlgari Displays
Display in the shape of a black lightning bolt

Promotional Display spaces & POP (Point-of-purchase displays)

Types of displays :

  • Temporary Disposable (made of cardboard) Seasonal products or promotions

  • Semi-Permanent - Lasting a few months , Materials can range from heavy duty cardboard to wood and hard plastic

  • Permanent - With good maintenance can last years if needed, Much sturdier materials they can include hard plastic, glass, wood and metal.

Depending on what type of promotion you are doing , that can dictate what kind of display you may need to use. 

Pop displays help bring a highlight to products and make it easier for consumers to reach the merchandise. 

Very helpful for product promotions, and catching the customers attention.

Examples of POP displays can include :

Two rows of staggered free standing units vinyl wrapped for a perfume/cologne brand

Freestanding display units (FSU's) are independent shelf displays. They are purpose built/made to influence customers to buy products more impulsively.  

Floor decal welcoming and directing to the right

Specially made decals designed to be durable as they will be walked over in designated areas of high foot traffic. can be cost effective, made to adhere to different types of flooring, long-lasting for permanent applications.

4 banner stands facing forward in a row

Versatile and quite portable display that can be setup and used for various layouts and situations. Not just limited to retail spaces. Different levels of quality to meet your budgetary requirements

Floor decal welcoming and directing to the right

Made from cardboard/plastic, is typically close to products on the shelf or attached to the shelf. With the purpose of influencing customers to buy the product it is promoting or in proximity to.

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