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ROLAND sol pro 4 XR-640

By specializing and focusing on large format printing, we ensure our clients are given the best options for their signage projects.  

We research products and applications, attend trade-shows and ask the important questions of our suppliers about how these materials and options would work for our customers. 

Quality, reliability, knowledge, and most importantly CUSTOMER SERVICE are the reasons why our clients rely on us to achieve their vision. 

Large format printing or also known as wide format printing, is specially designated print equipment that is able to produce graphics that are too large for most common commercial printing productions. Some examples being banners, posters backlit film, car wraps and signage/graphics for trade shows. 
Most large format printers are able to produce graphics that can withstand most natural elements, and able to print on many types of material. Including vinyl, cloth, metal, and more.

As a large format print specialist, we offer a multitude of services. 

The Equipment we use

Roland Sol Pro 4 XR-640 

ROLAND sol pro XR-640

ROLAND SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 64" Eco-Solvent Powerful  Printer/Cutter - Large Format Printer (Print and Cut).  The PRO4 XR-640 is Roland DG’s newest flagship inkjet print/cut solution for the SOLJET family of printers. You can build your business – and your reputation – on the XR-640’s exceptional image quality, all the while offering the most popular and profitable applications that are simply out of your competition’s reach. Across the industry, Roland DG PRO series inkjets are renowned for quality engineering, reliable performance, and unmatched versatility  2. The XR-640 has a built-in three-fold heating system. However, this unit has an additional drying system to accelerate drying. Roland DG recommends to us it with the take-up system at high production speeds, or if you use white or metallic ink. (Included)  3. External Blower-Fan unit (Included)  Offering improved productivity, photorealistic imaging, integrated contour cutting, and specialty inks for premium finishes and effects, the XR-640 transforms the output into art.  - Large-format printer/cutter with 64” width  - Two mirrored print heads in the inline configuration  - Photorealistic printing up to 1440 dpi  - Roland Intelligent Pass Control Technology  - Print speeds of up to 528 sq. ft. per hour (49 m2/h)  - An automated ink circulation system reduces ink waste  - Prints on both uncoated & coated media

Overview  Roland’s fastest, most powerful large-format color printer/cutter ever, the 64-inch SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 ushers in an era of quality, precision, and performance. The heart of the Pro 4 is its print engine. Incorporating the latest in inkjet technology, it features two inline 8-channel piezo inkjet heads with 180 nozzles per channel, capable of printing seven different droplet sizes for smoother gradations and richer density in photographic and high-resolution vector output. The mirrored configuration of the print heads virtually eliminates chromatic banding, even in bi-directional printing modes.  The Pro 4’s 64-inch width is ideal for vehicle wraps and other large applications. Our high-density Eco-Sol MAX 2 inks deliver a wider gamut and unsurpassed image quality at all speeds. And powerful VersaWorks™ RIP software is included, taking full advantage of the Pro 4’s capabilities with a host of features including a Predictive Ink Calculator, Spot Color Replacement Tool, and built-in PANTONE spot color libraries. The final results are consistent, efficient performance, and the best prints ever produced on any Roland device. It’s Production. Perfected.  We need to express ourselves, without limits  The latest dual print heads precisely control each dot  To deliver the outstanding image quality sought by professionals in the sign business, the XR-640 is equipped with the latest dual print heads, which fire droplets of seven different sizes to optimize image quality for the specific media and print resolutions selected. The XR-640’s print control technology, high-performance print heads, and ECO-SOL MAX3 inks draw out every detail for unsurpassed image quality. Ink adhesion has been drastically improved through the fine-tuning of our ink chemistry, precise head control, and drop placement. This allows for high-density coverage as well as deep, rich colors that can create subtle nuances within the image, for the most discerning customers.  Higher Density Eco-SOL MAX 2 Inks  The Pro 4 is the first device to use Roland’s, high-definition Eco-Sol MAX 2 inks. And they’ve taken production quality to a level. Environmentally friendly and virtually odorless, nickel-free MAX 2 inks are specially designed to deliver a wider color gamut with superb detail in the highlights and smoother blends. Combined with our print heads and smaller droplets, higher density MAX 2 inks produce better ink coverage and more vibrant color at faster speeds.  With MAX 2 inks and the Pro 4, you have your choice of an array of specialty inks that add value to any graphic. Our Light Black ink delivers more neutral grays, smoother gradients, and more natural skin tones. Higher density White ink allows for greater opacity and makes graphics pop off of clear media. A formulation of Metallic Silver provides a more brilliant output and can be printed as a pure spot color or combined with CMYK to produce over 500 striking metallic and pearlescent colors. Our White and Silver inks can also now be printed at speeds up to twice as fast as before.  Print & Cut technology enables you to cut any shape Roland DG’s renowned integrated Print & Cut technology offers the power and versatility your business demands. It prints and then automatically contour cuts images into any shape in one seamless workflow. With the XR-640, you can create a variety of custom applications quickly, easily, and profitably, including POP, floor signage, stickers, vehicle decals, and apparel heat transfers.  We rely on high productivity and outstanding image quality  High-speed performance for volume production, up to 21.6m2/h in production quality The XR-640 features a dual inline print head configuration that is mirrored through seven colors to ensure consistent imaging with bi-directional printing. This highly advanced system prints up to 21.6m2 /h for both banners and vinyl in production quality. Roland’s Intelligent Pass Control further enhances image quality by precisely controlling the placement, quantity, and density of ink in order to dramatically reduce banding.  Roland VersaWorks Dual now features a PANTONE library  The XR-640 comes with Roland VersaWorks Dual RIP and print management software. When using the PANTONE® library within VersaWorks, the PANTONE spot color used in the design file is automatically converted to a CMYK value and then closely matched to color within the gamut of the ECO-SOL MAX3 ink set. This simplified workflow reduces the amount of time required for color matching and enables quick output of specific colors when working with properly profiled media. You can also replace spot colors with any of the colors included in the Roland Color System, VersaWorks Dual’s own library of more than 1,000 standard colors and 512 metallic shades.

Rollsroller flatbed Applicator 

rollsroller flatbed applicator premium

Laminator we use as part of the finishing process.

- Mounting digital prints
- Pre masking
- Lamination
- Consistent high quality
- Reduced bubbles and creases 

- Reduced waste

ROLLSROLLER® is a proven technology for flatbed mounting and lamination. More than 11 000 signmakers worldwide are using ROLLSROLLER® daily for efficient sign making and print finishing. Rollsroller AB is the leading manufacturer and supplier of products and services for flatbed laminators. The company has the proprietary and patented ROLLSROLLER® Flatbed Applicator recognized internationally. ROLLSROLLER® Flatbed applicator poses a technological shift in the sign and printing industry. The company has grown rapidly and established sales in more than 70 countries through an efficient distribution system and business concepts. ROLLSROLLER Flatbed Applicator is the original patented Flatbed Applicator. Use ROLLSROLLER Flatbed Applicator for: Mounting digital print, Pre-masking, Lamination and Worktable with self-healing cutting mat.

Keencut cutter 

Keen cut cutter Sabre Main

The Cutter we use as part of the finishing process.

  • Genuine all round cutter bar, can slice through 1/2" thick foamboard or trim tissue paper gently

  • Noted to be perfect for a printshop

  • Its simple to use, incredibly versatile and purpose built/designed for safety

As it is noted to be a simple to use cutter, the operator can have the ability to utilize the cutter with little error. Uses three standard blades to trim the various materials Graphik blade - tougher materials the ability to run the blade backwards allows for scoring(materials up to 1/2") Rotary blade - Made for textiles and delicate materials (banners, posters) Medium duty blade holder - Uses standard off the shelf medium duty utility blade (materials up to 3/8") Materials it can cut - Corrugated cardboard - PVC foamboard - Corrugated plastic - Foam centred board Rigid material - cast acrylic/plexiglass Flexible matierals - Banners - Magnetic sheets film - Self-adhesive vinyls - Textiles / Other delicate materials

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